A Love Song

I am a terrible lover.

I will wake you up in the middle of the night

just to point out the beauty of the moonlight

as it dances through the window.

I will pull your arm around me 

even when you say that you aren’t into cuddling.

I will lay across your chest in the early morning hours

stealing a few more moments for myself

even as the alarm begs you out of bed.

I expect you to understand that I need you

in slow breaths.

I am a selfish woman.

I will tell you to kiss me in the midst of your anger.

Demanding love 

even if it endangers your speech.

And I will call on you to smile

no matter the pile of bulshit laid at our feet.

I expect a warrior,

who feels blessed to have me.

A man in my corner not willing to lose.

I am a bold partner.

I will blatantly ask for hugs when I am down

and reassurance when I am frustrated.

I will tell you when I’ve had enough 

of your attitude.

I will bat my eyelashes to get my way

and ask that you never turn away from my anger.

I expect you to love me with the lights on.

Following my voice as if it were a love song.


This Title is for You

I never title before I write

I start with a slow breath

And the soft clicking of the keys begins

Not knowing what I am about to say

Before my fingers compose my heart

My soul opening like a wound that never heals

Cut open again and again

The title finding me only after I have bled my feelings

Decloaking my fears,

Naked with scars and salty trails

of old tears still on my soft skin

It usually begins with you, my sweet

There is a part of me that I cannot quiet 

Growing louder as ink appears on paper

Always about my broken heart

Waiting for you to heal it

Wishing for a chance to kiss you

I write about how I miss you,

How I need you to hold me with certainty,

I’m lonely for your affection

I know you see me

Your gaze finding me in quiet moments

I feel my laughter touch you

And yet I wait, in longing,

With the promise of love if you would just reach for me

Waiting for you to whisper in my ear

Your words finding me in my darkest moments

Pulling my lips across my teeth

I smile for you as you beckon my heart

Seeing my soul reflected in your warm eyes

And the title shall be

“You Gave Me My Calm”

It shall be, 

“You Found Me”