Burn the Boat

A few things I’ve learned over the past year:

  1. If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.
  2. You are enough. 
  3. There’s always room for improvement. 
  4. Letting go is the path to peace. 
  5. Manifesting is real. Intentions and thoughts create your reality. 
  6. Your intuition is always right for your path.
  7. Burn the boat. 

This is a friendly reminder that people can only love you at the capacity that they love themselves. If you are like me and have ever had to hear the person you thought was your forever, lie to you, cheat, give up, or say you weren’t worth it – then I hope you know they couldn’t see you because they were blinded by their own inadequacies. When a person blocks their own blessings through negativity, laziness, self loathing behavior, lack of boundaries, or narcissistic tendencies, just know that your presence in their life may be a blessing that is also blocked. A person’s opinion of your worth is only as valuable as you make it. The weakest type of person is one that chases their identity in other people.

If you ever find yourself sharing space with a person or people that don’t recognize your innate beauty and value, and don’t respect your boundaries, just know that same person or people also probably lack the integrity to treat themselves with dignity and respect. It is my advice that you leave any situation or person that makes you feel less than. If your significant other or group of friends aren’t constantly talking AND then acting on improvements to your relationship, their quality of life, and quality of character then leave them behind. It is not your responsibility to create peace in someone else.

Every single one of my exes are where I left them. Still complaining, still making excuses, still struggling. I would be right there as well if I believed the horrible things that were said about me as a reaction to me holding them accountable for their behaviors and holding to my boundaries.

It’s no coincidence that since committing to myself, I’ve got my mojo back. I’m peaceful. I laugh everyday. I’m happy even when things get tough. Adversity is welcome. I’ve been promoted twice in less than a year. My yearly income has increased by over 50%. I’m working on my own business. Success has come in many unexpected ways. My relationships with friends and family are better than ever. My boundaries are stronger. I’m confident. My kids are happier and better behaved. I travel. I dance. I eat. I live. I ascend.


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