Love You Forever

I’m still in love with you. I may have to bear that cross for the rest of my life. But, what I won’t do is give you even one more opportunity to prove to me that you lack the capacity to love and honor me to the level and consistency that I deserve. You may not be able to comprehend my value, but I know it. And I will NEVER allow you to make me forget that again. I will not dishonor my divine power as a woman just because you choose to disregard your responsibilities as a man. I will continue to chance living each day with a broken heart – being separate from you – because, while it’s almost unbearable, it is still less painful than the disrespect you’ve shown me. For the rest of my life, my answer to you will be “no”. I choose me. My boundaries and what I deserve will not be compromised for, even if it means losing the person I love most.


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