A Promise Kept

I welcome the days of forever

Where I will not wait for a text

Sunflower fields and daffodils

No more love me not petals spent

My children lifted by the sunshine

Their feet pitter patter on the oak wood floors

An echo of promise 

Carried in the breeze, to my home

Which whispered that God has plans

Even for me, who was alone.

I will be given the fields of flowers

Where songbirds and bees love to grow

Here among the company of genuine souls

As God saw that I was something

The world could not know

He heard me cry in pain

When my heart shattered so.

Leaving me not to die of promises broke,

He led me where I could sleep among the trees

With the beasts that, like me, will die alone.

A pitch of steam from the teapot,

Parchment paper to write my woes

I welcome the days of forever

Where I will watch my children grow. 

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