My Bed isn’t lonely in the summer

If only the sun would come out

And shine on my smile

I could glisten like a Diamond

That has never known misery

The Michigan winter dreadfully dreary

I wait for the summer to arrive with its joy

I miss waking up to the birds’ 

Sing song chirping outside my windowsill 

And the sound of waves 

Hitting the sandy shores 

Where my son’s smile can be heard

In his delight

The sunshine warmth coloring our skin 

My son’s into a golden tan

And mine full of freckles

As if the heavens threw glitter on my skin

An angel’s kiss

I miss the smell of grass freshly mowed 

And the crispness of bottled water

After chasing my son in the park

Or running behind him as he wobbles on his bike

Down a bumpy trail

The sweet relief of a thunderstorm

When the heat hasn’t broken for days

And the way my bed doesn’t feel lonely

In the midst of summer 

Sprawled out on my covers,

Limbs in all directions

Begging to catch every slight breeze

From my opened window,

Just a few things I miss about summer


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