Murderous Beat

I keep hearing I’m sweet

Like the look in my eyes

Doesn’t match my murderous beat

I can say,  “Please…

really look at me.”

The way I smile is just a tease

A lie

Behind sweet

I’m thinking about how

I will be bringing you to your knees

Like a fucking savage

Thinking ‘bout how you will lie on your back

Like you trust me not to bite your belly

Blood in my teeth

You taste yummy

Your opinion of me is my gasoline

Are you feeling my hostility?!

Observing is not your best quality

Sick of being told I look cute

When I know I can be sexy

I’m a woman not a damn puppy

And I’m badass in situations

That challenge me

Fucking sick of being

That girl that nobody takes literally

Got me tripping, like I’m an obscurity

Thinking about an incision

Knife in my teeth

I got words of killer quality

You got me laughing at your opinion

Hysterically, my life full of mediocrity 


Do you not have vision 

of what I could be?

Just staring at me like I’m fishing

I look you in the eyes deliberately

Gazing at you lovingly

And with a vengeance 

I’m all passion

But tell me I’m sweet one more damn time

And watch me go savage


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