Self Reflection

The shitty part is 

That I can write all day

About what makes me sad

I have this tendency to just stay mad

At myself

Like I’m failing at life

And if I would just stay calm

Pondering for a second on what makes me beautiful 

I could write about how proud I am

To be a survivor 

Knock me down

And I can get back up like it was no bother

I’m thoughtful and kind

I will give you the shirt off my back

And as a matter of fact

I will laugh

Just to make you smile

I’ll tell you something funny

That maybe is only funny because nobody says

Socially inappropriate things

Quite like I do

Upon self reflection

I’m good at self reflection

I’m affectionate

I’ll find the compassion in my heart

That should have been there from the start

And I’ll forgive you 

Because you’re human,

So I get you 

My empathic self feeling your energy

I feel you,

And I’ll use my input to better your position 

Just a few things I’m good at

If I really start to look at my reflection

And damned if I’m not a good mother

I’ll work every day, always working harder

Doing everything I can to support my son

Because I’m all he has

And that’s plenty 

The plate in front of him will never be empty

I’m motivated to keep growing

And in the spirit of moving forward 

I’ll take feedback

Tell me what you feel

Not what I want to hear

Because I’m not gonna lie to you

When you lend me your ear

I will cry with you

But that’s just because I’m here

Giving you all of me

I’m genuine as anyone could be

And if that doesn’t make me feel proud

I always have the sexy scar on my eyebrow

Or my green eyes that go grey

When I’m feeling a certain way

And my thick thighs

That can make the boys forget 

that I’m only an eight on my best days

And even at an eight

At least I’m passionate

I’ll write you a love song

Or I’ll write you something savage

And that’s just for starters

Because I will try anything twice

Keeping an open mind

Upon reflection

I think I’m good at self reflection 

And that makes me beautiful


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