A Flower of Truth

I keep the sunshine in my pocket

Cloudy days not a shadow on my conscious

I wake up each morning 

And never watch the weather

Because the weather never matters

I will be happy to live the day through

And nothing will keep me 

from a grateful attitude

Not snowy days nor rain showers

I’m like a flower that continues to bloom

Cut me to the root and I will sprout anew

Petals of the earth,

beautifully bright and dark hues

Finding depth in my truth

I’m courageous enough to grow 

My mistakes helping me break the mold

Not another like me

No woman to compare me to

I’m as special as the moon

My smile a trail of light in the dark

Finding ways through with a laugh 

That sparks a fire on a match

Never completely lost

No matter the direction

Or distance

I can get distracted

but not knocked off balance

I’m like a willow tree

Flowing like water in the wind

Flexibility my mentality

Keeping up with my integrity,

I am never ashamed of who I am

And never afraid to shed my skin

Like a serpent that grows bigger

Pacing myself if only at a slither

Because sometimes walking comes later

Always moving in a direction

That suits my vulnerability 

Growing pains a constant pleasure

Because no matter the weather

I bloom. 


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