A Smile on a Monday

My body is tired on Mondays

Fat in places it shouldn’t be,

Cellulite thighs and cheeks,

Stretch marks laid like river signs on a map

that takes one through the forest of growth and pain.

I have dirt under my fingernails,

Random acne breakouts on my face,

And messy curls on my good days.

On my bad days I cry in the car,

And sometimes let out a horrid scream,

shaking the steering wheel in a white knuckled grip

just to let off steam.

Always alone in my thoughts

without a lover’s shoulder to bury my face into

when reality feels like a burden.

I’m mostly happy

But sometimes, momentarily defeated

I am harder on myself than anybody

Making the mirror a tool for reflection

  • Not an enemy, but not always my friend.

I try hard to be better,

Continuously finding the courage to live another day.

Praying for strength, asking for guidance

A rose quartz in my pocket

  • I’m hopeful on Sundays

Born a fighter,

and still beautiful when I smile. 


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